Dreams and goals never expire. Every goal you ever set for yourself can be accomplished  through hard work, dedication and networking. Many people have dreams of one day owning their own business and now, with the help of former President Obama and the SEC implementation of the Regulation Crowdfunding under the Title III of the J.O.B.S. Act, things have gotten easier. Regulation Crowdfunding has officially opened the door to roughly 97 percent of the U.S. investment market. This means that dreams can be funded by outside investors for as little as $10.

Welcome to DreamFunded.

DreamFunded is a state of the art equity crowdfunding platform that allows you to post your startup on their site so investors can learn about your business and invest in it if they choose. Currently, over $35 million has been invested in companies who have been listed on DreamFunded.

According to their website, some of the benefits include “Insider access to pre-screened deals is a major benefit. We utilize our network to gain access to promising startups. We thoroughly vet startups prior to featuring them on our platform. Another benefit of our platform is the opportunity to invest as little as $10. Angel investors typically need at least 25 lifetime deals to adequately reduce the risk of this asset class. *Note: Diversification does not guarantee profit or protection against loss.”

For more information about DreamFunded please visit their website- https://dreamfunded.com/


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