Tonia Woodbury is looking to change the narrative concerning supplier diversity at Wells Fargo.  With experience in the fields of entrepreneurship, outreach, marketing, and communications, Woodbury is exactly who Wells Fargo needs to advance their program into 2017. Prior to joining the supplier diversity team, “Tonia was the Early Talent Senior Program Manager for the Finance and Internal Audit divisions of Wachovia.” She received her undergraduate degree from South Carolina State and MBA in Marketing from Clark Atlanta University.

Rollingout recently sat down with Woodbury to better understand her plans for supplier diversity at Wells Fargo.  Below is a snippet of the interview:

Q: How important is diversity to the day-to-day operations of Wells Fargo?
Tonia Woodbury: Diversity and inclusion is an integral part of Wells Fargo’s values. We want team members to feel valued and respected. We want to have an inclusive culture that’s open to new ideas — spurring innovation. In my area, diversity and inclusion are also business imperatives that drive how we integrate certified diverse suppliers into our supply chain. All of this gets at the heart of our vision: to satisfy our customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially.