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Intel is slowly improving its retention rate with minority employees

According to mid-year reports, Intel has made big strides in the area of diversity, reportedly hiring a record number of diverse people.  In addition, Intel released its workplace reports indicating that the minority employee retention rates are increasing.

The secret behind Intel’s retention may lie in, WarmLine a service which provides support and guidance for people thinking about leaving the company. While the details as to how the WarmLine service exactly improved retention rates are scare, there seems to be an agreement that it has been a huge success. In addition to the increase in retention, Intel’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Danielle Brown provided some insight into the company’s future diversity goals.

“Our aim is to engage business leaders and managers in diversity and inclusion efforts more directly so that we can collectively work toward meeting hiring, retention, and progression goals,” Brown wrote.

This is the first time the company has reported its retention rate numbers for diverse employees. According to lead executives within the company the future is bright and they will be addressing “… intersectionality starting with a focused and targeted strategy around improving the retention and progression of Intel’s women of color.”

Intel’s diversity efforts are somewhat paying off

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