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Senate Democrats adopt the NFL’s Rooney Rule

On Tuesday, Feb. 28th, lawmakers approved the Senate Democrats proposal to implement their version of the NFL’s Rooney Rule. In the NFL, the Rooney Rule requires a team to interview at least one minority candidate for a head coach vacancy. Similar to the NFL, Senate Democrats will now ‘encourage’ Democrat offices to interview at least one minority candidate for vacant positions. According to Charles E. Schumer, U.S. senator of New York and minority leader “The more diverse the Senate is, the better it serves the American people. These new rules are a big step forward and will help increase the diversity in our caucus staff.”

Below are some the logistics of the new rule:

The new rule states that each Democratic personnel, committee and / or subcommittee office can determine its own hiring practices “to the extent practicable, such offices shall: (1) engage with the Senate Democratic Diversity Initiative to identify qualified candidates for vacancies; (2) engage with congressional staff associations and outside stakeholder groups that represent diversity to solicit résumés; and (3) interview diverse applicants for all vacancies.”

Lawmakers are still trying to figure out how the rule will be enforced but staff associations that represent minorities have applaud the new rule and called it a move in the right direction.

Source: http://www.rollcall.com/news/politics/senate-democrats-adopt-new-staff-diversity-rules

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