According to Yahoo “Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) today announced that it spent a record $2.85 billion with diverse suppliers in 2016, accounting for 44 percent of its total procurement. For the fifth straight year, diverse suppliers accounted for $2 billion-plus of the company’s spend and more than 40 percent of PG&E’s total spend for the fourth consecutive year. In addition, PG&E eclipsed the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) diverse spending goal of 21.5 percent for the 11th year in a row.”

In taking a closer look at overall spend with PG&E, over $1.8 billion can be attributed to minority owned companies, almost $800 million went to women-owned businesses and over $200 million was spent with Service Disabled Veterans.  The big gain in spend for 2016 went to service disabled veterans which saw a 30% increase.

In addition to its massive spend with diverse suppliers, PG&E is a leading Energy member of advocacy organizations including WBENC, NMSDC, NGLCC, USHCC, and more.

Congratulations cannot be given enough for PG&E’s accomplishments and their supplier diversity program is easily one of the more robust in the country (obviously).  I’ve attended my fair share of conferences and I can attest to the company’s commitment.  With such success, I do hope they connect with other supplier diversity programs to grow them in turn.  In my opinion, while support diverse businesses is a must and helps in their growth and expansion, corporations looking to do the same need help as well.  Perhaps programs can be developed to ensure that the organizations with larger supplier diversity programs are helping others understand the benefit and establish their own KPIs to grow their departments the right way.  Only time will tell but for now, PG&E is setting records within their supplier diversity program.