The National Federation of Independent Businesses recently released an inforgraph showcasing American small businesses and their biggest concerns.  What makes the graph interesting is the separation of small business by region.  While health care is by far the biggest issue as it pertains to small business operations, there are subtle differences when it comes to American regions.

While the Northeast worry about regulation and high state taxes, southern states are concerned with the overall landscape of competition as it relates to taxes, regulation, and big business.  Tax complexity is big for America’s mountain states while environmental regulations take up the bulk of worry for the USA’s central region.  The Midwest suffers from issues with Real Estate while the western most states have issues with homelessness and living wages.

All in all American small businesses are in need of various aid.  Which is why it’s so difficult to put forth an agenda that helps as many citizens as possible.  There will always be different issues that are important depending on the region you’re from.  But for now, the key issuees that must be fixed by Congress (that we all knew) are healthcare, regulation, and taxes.