Donell Creech is a change agent who is willing to speak out and make a difference in our society. Creech labels himself as, “a transmedia entrepreneur looking to create enterprises that holistically serve humanity.” I recently learned about Creech and his initiatives after reading articles about this year’s SXSW festival. The most intriguing thing I took away from the article was that Creech’s company MVMT50, will be putting out the report “The Diversity 360: Annual State of Diversity in Tech” at the SXSW festival.

The report will provide strategies and structure to effectively progress diversity in tech. I personally believe the report will be extremely valuable in the age where diversity and inclusion in the field of tech are trending topics. Therefore, I gathered some information about the approach of the report from Mashaun D. Simon at NBC News.

The approach of the report will be to:

  • Provide “a comprehensive snapshot of not just the failures and missteps taking place within the industry, but the opportunities and resources that need to be further tapped into, supported and leveraged.”
  • Ask and answer a series of intentional questions including, but not limited to, who tracks all of the entities committed to closing the gap and improving the numbers; who tracks tech diversity across all relevant verticals; is there truly a lack of black and brown talent that is not being prepared to compete on a global level; and how are recruiters, screeners and hiring managers trained to avoid hidden biases during the recruiting and hiring process?
  • Identify where the disconnect stems from and where to focus more strategic efforts to close the gaps.

Once the report becomes available, Supplierty News will review and share it with our readers.