by Ray Hayes

This past Friday Pres. Trump met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss trade agreements involving both nations. Both parties indicated that the meeting allowed them to clear the air about an array topics, but, as always, there were mishaps ending in strong criticism of Pres. Trump. One of those criticisms came from Kristina Dunz of the DPA German Press Agency who lectured the American President on diversity. Dunz asked, ““Why are you scared of diversity in the news, in the media? That you speak so often of fake news? And that things, after all, in the end cannot be proven?”

Dunz is one of many who have questioned Pres. Trump’s lack of care for diversity in cabinet decisions, media outlets and more. To his credit he does have a National Diversity Coalition full of minorities from different backgrounds but many believe their power is limited. Donald Trump isn’t the only president who has catered to a particular media outlet but he is one of the few who have sought to discredit a variety of media outlets while labeling them fake news.  A simple disagreement with the President can cause him to label your entire organization as liars.

Obviously this is not fair nor productive for either the President or the nation, but Trump will be Trump.  He will undoubtly continue his war on Fake News / news outlets who disagree with him, but moments like this are necessary to raise awareness and hopefully change the President’s mindset.

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