President Trump has gotten alot done in his first 60 days as President of the United States.  Changes to immigration, education, foreign aid, jobs, and more has resulted in President’s Trump executive orders ushering in a new administration.

But is that the only thing he can do?

Most people are probably fully aware of the recent Healthcare failure which was so bad the President and Speaker of the House felt it was better to not take a public vote on it.  The “Muslim Ban” (which isn’t really a ban unless that’s what you want to call it according to Trump) is currently being struck down for a second time and the future of tax and immigration reform is now in question.  President Trump, despite his early victories cannot complete his grand idea of Making America Great Again unless he gets support from the Republican party.  Currently it seems that this is an issue he cannot talk his way out of.  The Freedom Caucus, which has about 30 – 40 members, and the Moderate Republicans, which is about 25 – 30 will not agree on much if anything.  The problem with this is that the Republican majority in the House can only allow 22 people to go against a piece of legislation for it to pass.  See the numbers issue?

The Trump administration has taken a hard stance against the Democrats which is their choice to make, but it seems they may have to turn their ship a bit towards the left if they want to accomplish something to make America better.  The problem is that although Trump won on being an opposition candidate, he didn’t exactly have in specific plans.  In addition, his rhetoric created a problem in itself as Republican felt that “Making America Great Again” meant that he’d be a President that [insert personal beliefs here].  Unfortunately everyone’s idea of what President Trump meant was different, and now we have a President who can’t make deals because no one knew what they were exactly signing up for.

Well now we know.  And now Americans are realizing that Democrats and Republicans aren’t the only ones divided, but so too are the parties themselves.