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eBay releases its diversity numbers

by Ray Hayes

Ebay has joined the tech industry trend of releasing their workplace diversity numbers to the public. Last month, Uber was pressured by coalition groups and civil rights leaders to release their diversity numbers for public consumption.  It took so time but after controversy hit the tech giant over sexual harassment allegations, Uber relented.  Although, eBay doesn’t have as much pressure to grow its diversity numbers as Uber, the company still issued its 2016 Diversity and Inclusion Report last Friday.

After looking at the report it is obvious that eBay has some work to do in improving its workforce diversity. The company has laid out a three-pronged strategy which according to Fortune.com focuses on, “workforce – who and how they hire; workplace – what it’s like to work at the company; and marketplace – making sure diverse sellers, products and perspectives are succeeding on the platform.”  In addition, eBay will partner with Code2040 to revamp their intern program and Unitive to help eliminate bias in hiring and recruiting. Damien Hooper-Campbell, eBay’s first Chief Diversity Officer, is committed to overcoming the challenge of revamping the company’s hiring process and establishing a diverse workforce. He spoke about his commitment to establishing a diverse workforce at eBay, check his interview with Fortune below:


For a full view of the eBay diversity report click below:

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