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Today we unveil our second episode of the #WeAreNMSDC Podcast feature.    This time, we sit down and talk with Rakesh Kamdar, President and CEO of DB Healthcare IT, a consulting and staffing organization specializing in consulting and staff augmentation services to hospitals, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical research, genomics and medical devices companies nationwide.

Kamdar highlights his 20+ years of experience within the IT staffing and healthcare industry and gives advice on the best ways to successfully grow a business.  For Kamdar, experience matters, and the respect given to customers and employees can help your business becoming a sustainable and well branded machine.

To learn more about their program, simply listen to the podcast!!!!  For a brief summary of our conversation, check out the 5 Fast Facts section below.

DB Healthcare Podcast
1:00 The story and personal beliefs of Rakesh Kamdar and DB Healthcare
6:50 Overcoming roadblocks to build a successful business
11:05 DB Healthcare specific services
13:30 Specific example of how DB Healthcare is a unique IT Staffing company
16:45 Cultivating the proper message to corporate diversity representatives
18:50 How has NMSDC helped your organization grow?
21:20 How long does it take to win a contract?
24:45 What is your message to other MBEs?
27:18 Final Thoughts

WeAreNMSDC 5 Facts About DB Healthcare

  1. DB Healthcare is Rakesh Kamdar’s 3rd company.  His first was DB Concepts, an IT Staffing company founded in 1994.  It ultimately merged with another large company soon after.  The second was an internet startup called ExchangeAnything.com, founded in 1999.  The startup received funding, but was closed just 9 months after launch due to revenue concerns.  In 2002, DB Healthcare was founded as a Nursing placement company until 2007 – 2009.  After the Nursing shortage, DB Healthcare was restructured to focus on Healthcare Information Technology in 2010.
  2. All about the points: Rakesh, when giving tips and advice loves to breakdown his experience and final advice in key points. This makes for an  informative and easy to follow podcast.
  3. DB Healthcare promotes respect and honesty during every transaction and connection with customers, consultants, employees, and more.  Check out his example of this around the 13 – 14 minute mark.
  4. It takes about 4 months to win a contract (on average) in the IT staffing and healthcare market.
  5. DB Healthcare almost failed.  In 2007, the company decreased from 200 employees to 10 employees.  After much hard work, the company is now back to 200 employees.

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