No…but very few mandatory business programs in general.  Outside of things like healthcare for employees (which is a direct benefit to workers), there aren’t many things company employees will volunteer to do for free…..and supporters of these concepts shouldn’t take it personally.  Increasing the efficiency of a business is a delicate dance involving many steps, and sometimes missteps.  If a company is looking to increase its workforce diversity numbers, mandating everyone takes part may not end in the best results.  Not wanting to volunteer for diversity programs doesn’t make you a racist, just like not volunteering for a company’s charity event to help poor children doesn’t mean you hate the poor.

For programs such as diversity and inclusion, departments and growth strategies must included to make the new program a part of the company culture.  From there, ensuring its success rely’s on commitment and leadership.  Trying to restructure corporate policy isn’t rocket science, but it is hard.  Educating employees on company goals and seeking to promote it throughout is a great way to train people on your new direction.

Change will always be hard, but people should understand that the issue isn’t specific to diversity and inclusion.  Any new program that seeks to change company culture will be hard to implement.  It takes time, but diversity and inclusion is worth it.