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StreetShares & JP Morgan support Veteran Owned Businesses with $10,000 in Grants

In an effort to educate our viewers on the benefits of veteran owned businesses, we present another article highlighting the many opportunities in business for our military veterans.  According to prnewswire, StreetShares Foundation in conjunction with JP Morgan Chase, awarded 3 grants to winners of its monthly Veteran Small Business Awards.  The winners include Tom Cox, Army Veteran, Co-Founder of Candl located in Atlanta, Ga.($5,00), Brian Wood, Army Veteran, CEO of Good Shepherd Defense and Training located in Morton, Ill ($3,000) and Charles Miller, Army Veteran, Founder/Designer of Charles Miller Brand Denim located in Washington, DC ($2,000).

  • Tom Cox, CEO and Co-founder of Candl, has more than 20 years of experience in communications technology. Candl’s mission is to make connectivity accessible to people around the world.
  • Brian Wood, CEO of Good Shepherd Defense and Training, started his small business after receiving low-quality civilian firearms training.  As a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Business, Brian provides not only firearms training but also self-defense courses.
  • Charles Miller, Founder and Designer of Charles Miller Brand Denim (CMBD), created high quality apparel for the traveling professional, who could be government contractors, business owners, photographers, etc.


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