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Hudson County in New Jersey creates new program for small and diverse businesses

In addition to being home of the fatal dual between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, Hudson County has recently approved a set-aside program for diverse and small businesses.  Diverse businesses will include minority, women, and veteran owned companies that meet the requirement of being at least 51% owned by qualifying demographics.

The program has said that 10% or about “3.4 million will be available as part of the new program, which will provide access to procurement opportunities of $40,000 or less.”  While I am unfamiliar with current business statistics in the county, about 40% of the population hail from minority ethnic groups.  In addition small business owners regardless of race will qualify as well.  For more information about how to connect with Hudson’s new program check out the information below:

These businesses must hold a valid and current certification as a Minority (MBE), Woman (WBE), Veteran (VBE) or Small Business (SBE) Enterprise, officials said. Eligible businesses must also register on the Hudson County Purchasing Portal at www.hudsoncountynjprocure.org.

Under the set-aside ordinance, the Hudson County Office of Minority and Women Business Enterprise (OMWBE) will assist small businesses for participation in the program. The OMWBE may be contacted via email at OMWBEinfo@hcnj.us or by calling 201-395-6267.


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