by Ray Hayes

Small business growth has steadily increased over the past few years. While the month of March saw a bit of a drop, sccording to Paychex which is a leading human resource firm, “The Small Business Jobs Index decreased 0.05 percent from the previous month to 100.73. Year-over-year, the pace of small business employment growth is essentially unchanged.”

Many investors and experts in the human resource field have attributed the decline to uncertainty in the White House and its failed policies. Take for insistence, the failed attempt of the GOP to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and Pres. Trump’s promise to reduce tax rates.  With the uncertainty surrounding these issues, investors are skeptical of the time frames and are not expecting things such as the tax reform to happen until next year. We shall follow the reports that will be released next month to see if things changed in the month of April. Until then, stayed tuned for more information because surely will be keeping you updated.