by Ray Hayes

Marine veteran, Greg Jumes, realized that veterans like himself needed support after their exit from the military.  With no system in place to help veterans with information about services and jobs, Jumes founded Victor Tech. Victor Tech provides veterans with an array of information from discounts services to job posting in order to help former military personnel.

Jumes recently sat down with the Huffington Post to talk about his motivation behind creating the Victor app.

According to Jumes, “I don’t want people ten years out of the military still talking about being deployed. I want to help them rejoin 93% of America that has never served in the military. It wasn’t until I met another retired servicemember that showed me how to use my military skills in the civilian world.”

The main goal behind the Victor app is to connect vets with local businesses and other transitional support after leaving the military. Victor is here to help vets who were in Jumes boat and it will also lend a hand to veteran’s family members. If you are interested in learning more about Victor Tech and the Victor app please visit