by Ray Hayes

Lations are the fastest growing population in the United States.  It has been reported that within the next 15 to 20 years the Latinos will be the majority population within the nation. As the community’s population steadily grows so too does the need for healthcare solutions.  According to a recent report from a Oregon State University study, “Not all Latinos face the same health challenges, suggesting that public health approaches may need to be tailored based on needs of the diverse groups within the Latino population.” The report also indicated that different steps have to be taken when it comes to evaluating Latinos and particularly when developing medical treatments and health interventions.

The concept of wealth and health were analyzed within the report as well. “As researchers began to examine the links between health and wealth among subgroups of the Latino population, they found that health and wealth were closely associated for some groups but not others. For example, wealthier Central Americans were less likely to be obese, while wealthier Puerto Ricans were more likely to be obese.” There is a big difference between diversity of experiences when it comes to analyzing wealth and health. The majority of the wealthy have more access and opportunities to obtain health foods with leads towards health lifestyles.

In this week’s, mini podcast I will provide more feedback into this topic, so please stay tuned for the upcoming podcast.