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Office Depot Releases annual Diverse Supplier Catalog

by Ray Hayes

Office Depot has released their annual diverse supplier catalog. The catalog features a list of products sold by diverse vendors and highlights an assortment of more than 2,000 items. Office Depot holds the title as the first office supply company to release a catalog highlighting diverse suppliers.  The first catalog being released in 2009 and contains small business success stories and resource guides.

Peter Knutrud, SVP of merchandising for Office Depot, recently spoke about the company’s release of the 2017 catalog. “Just as environmental sustainability helps protect our planet, supplier diversity helps protect our economy as it plays an essential role in the financial stability of our industry. Office Depot’s 2017 Diverse Supplier Catalog provides opportunities for small and diverse-owned businesses to grow and succeed, and helps our customers in their supplier diversity purchasing initiatives.”

Here a link to the Office Depot Diverse Supplier Catalog – http://www.e-digitaleditions.com/t/168357-office-depot


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