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Kristen Sonday is new Entrepreneur in Residence for Code2040/Google’s Chicago program

Suppleirty News would like to congratulate Kristen Sonday, 871’s new Entrepreneur in Residence through the Code2040/Google for Entrepreneurs program.  Sonday is the founder of Paladin, a legal tech company that matches lawyers to pro bono cases.  According to the Chicago Tribune, “Paladin, which has five employees, has grown from 50 lawyer and law student members in January to about 1,500. Cases have included domestic violence survivors, custody and asylum issues and low-income entrepreneurs.” The New York founded company is using this Chicago opportunity to help expand its market.

Paladin makes money from charging a subscription fee for its offering.  With the recent push of President Trump’s illegal immigration ban, Sonday has seen interest increase at a rapid pace.  “The American Bar Association urges lawyers to provide at least 50 hours of pro bono legal services a year.”

“The post gets $40,000 in seed money, workspace at the tech hub, training, networking and mentoring. The residency supports high-potential entrepreneurs as well as participating tech hubs’ quests to diversify.”


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