by Ray Hayes

New York Fashion Week is a high profile fashion event catering to celebrities from the entertainers, sports athletes and political elites.  With so much support for the week, it is well known that, if you want to make a point, NY Fashion Week is the place to do it. Fashion Designer Thakoon Panichgui recently spoke about how he and other designers used the runway to make their statements, explaining that “Fashion is a sponge in terms of what’s happening in culture. We take it in and it comes out in certain ways, and I think that the climate will produce a lot of creativity.”

The designers from the NY fashion show weren’t the only ones using the runway as a form of political expression.  During the L.A. fashion show, Rebecca Minkoff made an eloquent and powerful speech on female empowerment while models from the show were serenaded by singers performing the song, “Quiet,” which is the unofficial song of the women’s march on Washington.

In an ironic twist, President Trump is indeed doing more to unite Americans than he realizes. Although Fashion Week across the nation had more of a political message this year, designers still raised the fashion community spirits through their art.