by Ray Hayes

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is committed to correcting the diversity problem within the communications industry. In order to fulfill their goal, the FCC is planing to work with a committee to consulate the agency on ways to promote diversity. Members of the general public will be asked to provide recommendations to FCC’s panel that will be called the Advisory Committee on Diversity and Digital Entertainment. Ajiti Pai, chairman of the FCC, provided some feedback on the company’s plans to promote diversity. “For example, the Committee could help the FCC promote diversity in the communications industry by assisting in the establishment of an incubator program and could identify ways to combat digital redlining the concern that minority or poorer communities are covered by worse telecom infrastructure.“

The current initiative to promote diversity within the FCC is not the first of its kind for the agency. The Advisory Committee for Diversity was actually created before but since 2013 has been inactive. Although this is a valiant effort, the FCC is still receiving criticism from some for allegedly “redlining” possible diversity strategies.  Pai has confirmed that more details will be released moving forward.