Although many conservatives will never admit it, President Obama’s healthcare bill was a necessary step to fixing America’s healthcare issue (hopefully education is up next).  The truth about healthcare is that, before the Obamacare action, healthcare costs were going to hit astronomical numbers and cause medicare to collapse quickly.  While Obamacare is not the final solution for America’s healthcare issue, it was the right decision to force our nation to find ways to solve a very immediate crisis.  While there are many opponents of the deal, the precedents Obamacare has set, seem to be everlasting and is a good way to set us on a path to create a solutions.

For starters, the non discrimination of pre-existing conditions is now a “must have” for any new plan, a concept that was foreign before hand (did you know that a pregnant woman was considered to have a pre-existing condition before Obamacare?).  In addition, allowing young people to stay on their parents health plan until 27 was another foreign concept now agreed upon as American law.  Steps in the right direction, but we are still walking towards a solution.

For President Trump, it is now his duty to move us even closer to a “perfect” healthcare plan that will fit most Americans.  Although many Trump supporters will not like this, President Trump’s healthcare plan will not be the final solution either.  There are still many renditions to healthcare that must be enacted, tested and perfected.  Healthcare will take us decades to get right, but it is necessary to help America in the long run.  Whatever Trump pushes through, costs will continue to rise.  If he wants them to drop, he will have to cut off millions of Americans with the promotion of the “access to healthcare” myth.  If he wants to cover more Americans, tax payers will be hit more.  Whatever Trump decides, our next President will have to use his example as a way to make Healthcare even better.  Healthcare is complex issue and it will take another decade or 2 to solve.