Social media has a habit of over reacting to small situations and turning non issues into nationwide epidemics.  Chris Pratt’s recent statement on blue collar workers is a perfect example of this.

By all accounts Chris Pratt is a good guy.  He supports charities, succeed despite having small opportunities (his breakout role in Parks and Recreations was only supposed to be for one season initially) and is beloved by many people.  In an interview with Men’s Fitness, Chris Pratt made a mistake by saying “The voice of the average, blue-collar American isn’t necessarily represented in Hollywood.”  While some people understood what he meant (i.e. blue collar workers don’t portray blue collar characters in movies), some people took it as an extreme and criticized him for it.

Some social media critics suggested his comments teetered on racism while others felt he had no business speaking about things he is not apart of, since, after all Pratt is not a blue collar worker.

The truth is Pratt made a simple mistake trying to speak up for and highlight issues of every day Americas.  He could have done it better sure, but to cry racism or White privileged in this situation is ignorant.  I do think Pratt needs a bit more education on the subject and I’d love to see Pratt sign up for a blue collar film depicting the issues of every day Americans.  Hopefully this is the start of it and hopefully the Kings and Queens of social media can forgive the lowly, Pratt….or not, whatever he’s worth a couple million.