Remember when everyone laughed at the thought of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States?  So called “experts” consistently told us that Mr Trump had zero to no chance of holding the highest office in the land, but here we are May 5th, just past midnight and President Trump is a reality.

Fast forward a few months and we are now on the cusp of seeing a similar rise in the story of the edgy Big Baller Brand (BBB).  As of this moment, BBB has sold over 5,000 items in their store that just launched a few hours ago.  On the low end, that comes to over a million dollars on launch day in total revenue.  Now obviously this is a drop in the bucket of the sneaker industry and there’s still no numbers detailing costs, but so far BBB is tracking to be a win.

But for some odd reason people are denying it.  It’s almost as if people have completely forgotten how President Trump won his election (i.e. awarding the man a 24 / 7 press blitz gaining him billions in free advertising).  The two biggest reasons people vote for a person is 1) Name recognition and 2) Hate / Fear of the other person.  Trump’s name recognition was solidified during his press blitz and his coverage included constant fear and hate mongering.  Looking back on it, there has to be a wonder why he didn’t get more votes.

Now enter Big Baller Brand.  A new lifestyle brand gaining more advertising then it deserves based on negative press.  While organizations like ESPN and Fox Sports believe they are identifying the foolishness behind LaVar Ball, founder and father of future NBA draft pick Lonzo Ball, instead they are giving the Ball family much needed attention to a fledgling brand.  Any press is good press, and negative press is the best!

Due to the divisiveness of the nation, the criticism of the Brand has only made its fans stronger and more loyal.  In reading a few threads there is a clear solid fan base locked in to support the brand and make sure its successful to prove the “mainstream media” wrong.  Like Trump supporters, sports organizations like ESPN have helped build a solid base for BBB without even realizing it.  BBB is a million dollar company thanks to negative advertising.

And there only getting started.  If Lonzo Ball actually turns out to be a great NBA player, this brand could rise to be worth 9 figures without the help of Nike, Adidas, or Under Armor.  The potential for this brand, thanks to a negative perception and billions in free advertisement is high.  The same people saying this idea will never work are the same people who have helped it do just that.

Big Baller Brand and Donald Trump are the true winners, and the rest of us helped them do it by helping promote their name.  We are all complicit.