Nothing divides America quite like Obamacare.  While the healthcare reform did alot to change perceptions and benefit individuals in certain parts of the country, one of the groups that have not benefited from the practice at all has been small businesses with 50 or more employees.  The goal of Obamacare was to guarantee healthcare for as many people as possible, but with the mandate for small businesses, it turned small operations into part time factories, forcing employees to still find their own healthcare with less pay.

According to BizBuy Sell survey on small businesses earlier this year, 60% of respondents felt that healthcare reform was the number one issue moving in to 2017.  With the recent passage of Obamacare reform by the House, small businesses were only given more uncertainty moving forward.

As it stands, the reform focuses mostly on individuals and does not mention important small business issues such as the elimination of the healthcare mandate for companies with 50 or more employees.  Another talking point mentioned by the likes of Jimmy Kimmel is the protections of people with pre-existing conditions.  Currently there are initiatives set up to deal with these types, but it could result in people having higher premiums, if they can get insurance at all.

So far, the healthcare reform, as it pertains to small businesses does not go far enough to solve the issues most companies are looking for.  As the healthcare bill undergoes Senate reform hopefully these issues will be solved.  If not, this bill will be worse than Obamacare.