Have you heard of ili a new wearable translating technology?  ili is created by the Japanese company Logbar and promises to translate English, Japanese and Chinese in 0.2 seconds with no wifi required.  While not much is known about the exact effectiveness, we do know that the technology is set for release this summer.

According to Metro UK, the device “lets you translate up to 50,000 words and phrases” which sounds like a great start for someone looking to travel for a few days to one of the three listed countries above.  If this technology does indeed work as advertised, the benefits could be staggering.  Corporate translators in intense business meetings will still be needed sure, but a week vacation to Japan could be alot more beneficial if ili is helping you navigate your trip.

To find out more about the upcoming ili visit http://iamili.com/.  The device is not for sale yet, but you can sign up and follow the product to get up to date information on it.  This summer should be very interesting to say the least.