by Ray Hayes

Damien Hooper-Campbell holds the title of Chief Diversity Officer for eBay and is a member of the “world’s largest fraternity” Morehouse College (and so am I).  Hooper-Campbell makes it known that the conversation behind diversity in tech has become no more than a bastardized dialogue that needs to evolve. In Hooper-Campbell’s opinion, simply throwing money at the issue will not fix it.  Instead a “human element” is needed to properly implement change.

During the First’s Round CEO Summit, Hooper-Campbell stated that “We need to do what we very rarely do as human beings when we first meet each other. We need to be okay being politically incorrect for the moment as long as we’ve established an assumption of good intent. That allows us to get our real views out there and gives us permission to call BS when we see it.  Being in the circle of trust is like being in the exit row on a plane. You need verbal confirmation before proceeding.”

Hopper-Campbell hit the nail on the coffin. If we humanize diversity and inclusion the conversation can evolve. If you get beyond the surface of an individual then you can understand the wants and needs of that person and be invested in their success. Diversity cannot be achieved if you are simply worried about meeting a quota or obtaining a dollar amount.  You must be committed to stepping out of your comfort zone and supporting your fellow employees. If we humanize things and commit to stepping out the comfort zone diversity can be achieved. Thank you Damien Hooper-Campbell for your powerful words and solutions.

If you are interested in hiring Hooper-Campbell’s full speech, please check out the video below: