by Ray Hayes

Veteran owned businesses in America are some of the largest growing companies in the nation today.  With their growth comes a big opportunity for lending organizations to support them.  In 2013, Mark Rockefeller and Mickey Konson came together over breakfast to develop a way to do just that, i.e. help veteran business owners in need of business loans. The two co-founders created a small business funding community, Street Shares, an organization that brings veteran business owners and investors together for financial and social returns.

In order to further the Street Shares mission, the Street Shares Foundation developed monthly Small Business Awards where three winners are awarded small grants to help day to day operations. For the month of April the following veteran businesses owners were announced as winners:

  1. First Place: Kendra Simpkins, Army Veteran, Owner/Clinical Practitioner at Sarasota Rapid Resolution Therapy (Sarasota, Florida)
  2. Second Place: Eddy Mejia, Army Veteran, Founder/CEO of ShoeBoxOne (Chicago, Illinois)
  3. Third Place: Maria Mayes, Army Veteran, Founder, Managing Partner at Morgan Veteran Recruiting Group (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

If you interested in voting for the month of May grant recipients, please visit the link below: