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Jordan Brand signs first ever Chinese Basketball Player, Guo Ailun

by Ray Hayes

The Jordan Brand is one of the top brands in the basketball industry and is slowly moving onto the football and soccer field.  The rise of the Jordan Brand is already apparent with its superstar ambassadors and teams like the University of Michigan and the Charlotte Hornets officially sporting their merchandise during game day.

With Air Jordan seemingly expanding to rule all markets, including the mostly likely 2016 – 2017 NBA MVP and Defensive Player of the Year, Russell Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard, what’s next?

Enter Guo Ailun of the Chinese Basketball Association.

Guo Ailun is a member of the Lioning Flying Leopards and the China national team. He is a future Chinese basketball legend and will be the first Chinese player to sign with the Jordan Brand. In honor of the big signing, the Jordan Brand welcomed Ailun to the spotlight in grand fashion with a new television ad from AKQA.

We at Supplierty News would like to congratulate Guo Ailun and we wish him further success.

Click the link below to few the ad:

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