by Ray Hayes

Last weekend, more than 100 countries were hit with the biggest cyberattack in recent years. According to MSN, “Companies and organizations around the world potentially faced substantial costs after hackers threatened to keep computers disabled unless victims paid $300 or more in ransom, the latest and most brazen in a type of cyberattack known as ransomware.” The attack hit Britain’s National Health Service, Germany’s national railway service, Telefónica (Spanish telecom giant) and many more.

What makes the attack really scary is that you didn’t even have to click a website link to get infected by the ransomware virus. Countless computers were infected due to system administrators failing to apply Microsoft’s recent updates to patch a security flaw for outdated software.

No matter who you are, your business could have been exposed and with the millions of small businesses throughout the US, Microsoft’s protection failed. In order to combat this and future problems, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has launched a new website committed to informing small businesses on how to stay protected. Maureen Ohlhausen, the agency’s acting chairman, recently spoke about the launch of the new website. “Small businesses are critical to our economic strength, building America’s future, and helping the United States compete in today’s global marketplace. This innovative new website is a one-stop shop where small businesses can find information to protect themselves from scammers and hackers, as well as resources they can use if they are hit with a cyberattack.”

Below is a link to the FTC new website for small businesses to combat cyberattacks –