Welcome to another exciting #WeAreNMSDC Podcast.  On today’s episode, I speak with Angela Guzman, Director of Supplier Diversity at NBC Universal and the Chair of the NMSDC’s Advertising, Entertainment, Media & Sports Group (or AEMS).  Our conversation hits a wide range of topics including business opportunities in media and entertainment, the Return On Investment for collaborative events, and how to turn a $500 job into a multi million dollar business.

So sit back, relax and listen to the enjoyable and informative discussion between Angela Guzman and Jaymie White.

(PS: For anyone looking to grab Guzman’s attention at their next conference or event, remember this nugget of advice: “Be Brief  Be Brilliant and Be Gone”!)


AEMS Group Podcast (presented by NBC Universal)

0:54 Angela’s journey to NBC Universal and the AEMS Group
6:51 Is Angela a left brain or right brain thinker?
8:15 Let’s talk new markets and how AEMS is creating opportunities for MBEs
11:47 What are examples of emerging opportunities with NBC Universal and AEMS
13:19 Is AEMS looking to expand into other industries, like technology?
14:27 What are some opportunities outside the creative sector that MBEs can pursue?
17:00 Expanding on opportunties for on air and behind the camera jobs, i.e. “below the line” expenses
18:32 Diving deeper with technology, revenue generation, and supplier ROI
20:03 What is NBC Universal’s economic impact?
23:35 Collaborative events and there ROI
28:14 What is the future of collaborative events for AEMS
29:32 How to turn a $500 job with NBC Universal into a multi million dollar business
34:10 How did NBC Universal become the first media and technology company to reach the Billion Dollar Roundtable
36:18 NBC Universal’s steps to reaching the Billion Dollar Roundtable and dealing with missteps in the process
40:04 Final Thoughts


WeAreNMSDC 5 Facts

  1. Originally a marketing major, Angela Guzman began her career in the Finance department of USA and SciFi Network.  She worked in on air talent before moving to supplier diversity.  Guzman became the Chair of NMSDC’s AEMS Group after taking the lead on a project helping to get suppliers interested in certification. A really good story explaining her rise can be heard at the 2:55 mark
  2. Purchasing for media is usually handled at the brand level, rather than in a centralized purchasing department. This means production teams can buy products and services directly
  3. By 2020 the media and entertainment industry will grow to $771 billion, which is a big opportunity for freelancers
  4. Production, post production, and digital technology (virtual reality, augmented reality) are big emerging market opportunities for NBC Universal and AEMS. Paper supply, janitorial, legal and construction are major traditional opportunities for MBEs, specifically in Orlando and Los Angeles.
  5. NBC Universal is the first media and technology company to reach the Billion Dollar Roundtable, spending over a billion with minority and women owned businesses

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