It’s weird titling an article “Diversity of Opinion” after President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey for what is rumored to be his refusal to put Trump before country. While loyalty is a big must in the Trump administration, the public message is an emphasis on diversity, but not as we know it.

According to a Republican aide, the administration has “no interest in playing the games of identity politics.  To reduce this to gender, race or geography misses the more important point of the diverse segments … the group represents on policy.”

While I’m sure Trump supporters hailed this as a well thought out response, for the rest of us, this felt a lot like spit in our cupcake (it’s FROSTING DAM IT!). Diversity is important, and not from a simple optics stand point.  There is a responsibility from the President to take many opinions into consideration when making decisions, and that includes ethnic and gender diversity.  Diversity of opinion is necessary of course, but ‘diversity’ must be more than just alt-right and moderate conservative.

President Trump has struggled in his early administration to establish a foundation around almost anything.  Unfortunately his intentions are clear when it comes to diversity and we as a nation must prepare for it.  Diversity of right thought is key and the short term future of America.