DiversityInc, a premier organizations within the supplier diversity industry has released its rankings for supplier diversity programs throughout the nation.  According to their website Companies on this list utilize established best practices to achieve higher percentages of both Tier I (direct contractor) and Tier II (subcontractor) procurement with vendors owned by women, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, American Indians, LGBT individuals, people with disabilities and veterans with disabilities.

The key seems to be more than just spend as several members of the Billion Dollar Roundtable were left of its list.  While there will definitely be some debate on the merit of the organizations (and those left off), we can all agree that these companies and more are doing a great job connecting with and growing diverse businesses throughout the nation.  The below list was created based off the following metrics:

  • Integrating supplier diversity into corporate goals
  • Having the CEO sign off on supplier-diversity results
  • Auditing supplier-diversity numbers
  • Ensuring suppliers are certified
  • Linking procurement-management compensation to supplier-diversity goals

The Top 11 DiversityInc Companies in Supplier Diversity

  1. Dell
  2. AT&T
  3. Accenture
  4. Abbott
  5. Comcast NBCUniversal
  6. Hilton Inc.
  7. EY
  8. Kaiser Permanente
  9. Marriott International
  10. KPMG
  11. Eli Lilly and Co.