The World Bank projects that over the next 15 years, 600 million jobs will be lost to automation and artificial intelligence.  Because of the oncoming change in the business environment, the United Nations is calling all Micro, Small, and Medium sized businesses to increase employment opportunities to the same tune of 600 million over the same time period.  In an effort to raise awareness, the UN has designated June 27, 2017 as Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Day.

But there is a caveat.

The UN is pushing smaller businesses to focus on green, environment friendly jobs.  According to Small Business Trends, “This means they must be created not just to increase profitability but also to have minimum impact on the environment, local communities, society or the economy.”

“If you can’t create enough sustainable quality jobs, nations can have a problem with instability and that timeline has actually moved up now with AI,” Ayman El Tarabishy, Executive Director of the International Council for Small Business told Small Business Trends.

Small business account for over 50% of the jobs within the United States.  If small firms can increase job opportunities by 600 million this will no doubt offset the loss of current employment.  The problem is skill.  Currently there are more than enough jobs available for Americans, as an example, but the skill set needed to win these jobs are in low order.  More programs need to be created to help train people in their later years to transition into other areas.  If you have a skill set that is automated when you’re in your mid 30s, there must be a program in place to help you learn a new skill and transition into a new career.

This is the new global job market and this is what all nations must prepare for.

UN to Small Business: Create 600 Million Jobs!