The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) sent a letter “to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, the Investment Company Institute (ICI) and the Organization for International Investment” in an effort to relay their concerns over the lack of African American representation within each organization.

According to the letter, “It is clear corporate America has a long way to go on this front and you will be asked by members of the CBC for data on improvements in this area if you come to do business with our offices.”

While some in the comment section the The Hill article vilified the CBC as racists, I think this makes sense.  In essence the CBC are representatives of their communities.  It appears the members think these organizations are not benefiting their communities and as such are looking for ways to do just that.  Again if any organization is looking to do business with a member of the CBC, that representative expects the organization will in turn benefit the community they represent.  If someone from the middle of North Dakota refused to connect with organizations that did not support rural America, this would make sense in the same way as the CBC.

I don’t have a problem with this and their leveraging of their organization makes sense as a first step to try and get organizations to support the people they represent.  Nothing to see here but political reps looking for ways to do their job.