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Meet American Corporate Partners, the veterans’ group that matches veterans with mentors at major corporations

Last weekend was Armed Forces Day, a day designed to honor members serving in America’s military.  While many look to promote the day with inclusive events, one organization is looking to go further in assisting our nation’s finest.  Meet Sid Goodfriend, chairman and founder of American Corporate Partners (ACP).  ACP is “a non-profit organization in New York City, is the only group that matches veterans with mentors at major corporations in the country.”

Goodfriend founded the company in 2008 after he was looking to develop a program similar to “Big Brothers Big Sisters [of America], except in this case the little brother might be 250-pound Marine sergeant,”

According to Goodman, “It’s really hard finding a job that leads to a meaningful career. A big part of what we do is we help people explore what the careers are and then we help them get there.”

The organization started with 6 corporations but today has expanded to 70 companies including “Deloitte, VISA, UPS, Liberty Mutual. and Fox News Channel’s parent company, 21st Century Fox”

The cost of mentoring a veteran is $1,000 for the year and currently “nearly 2,700 veterans are mentored by someone in the corporate world through ACP. More than 9,700 have completed the program” overall.  The reach of the program is growing and I don’t see why more organizations don’t get involved.  ACP is a great program that anyone can support and we at Supplierty News hopes they continue with their goal.


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