For six straight years, USPS has been the leader in supplier diversity among the Top 25 federal agencies promoting diversity and inclusion among suppliers.  The award, given by Omnikal, a leader in the world of diversity and the largest, inclusive business organization in the country, recognizes the top organizations in supplier diversity and small business.  “The recipients of this year’s award were determined by Omnikal’s members’ responses to questions about the quality of business initiatives implemented to include companies led by women and minorities.”

With the changing landscape of government agencies, a big question can be asked about the future of government supplier programs.  The current budget presented by the Trump administration would mean a cut to not only employees but also supplier opportunities as well.  Despite this possible reality, it is reassuring to know that some government agencies are committed to their promotion and advocacy for small and diverse businesses.  Congratulations to USPS on the award.

If you’re interested in connecting with USPS for business opportunities, check out their supplier diversity website below:

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