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Check out the upcoming Techweek: Chicago from June 19th – 23rd

by Ray Hayes

In less than 3 weeks, Techweek will begin in Chicago.  Beginning in Detroit, Techweek is a conference / technology festival that aims to “spread wealth creation to diverse people and places through the Hero Company Theory of economic development.” Sponsors for the 2017 conference include Comcast Business, Quicken Loans, Zendesk, and many more.

Techweek in Chicago will kick off on June 19th with its beginning ceremonies taking place with MillerCoors.  On Tuesday, June 20th, Capital One will be hosting a “unique and immersive experience” focusing on issues vital and impactful to Techweek.

As we gear up for the event, Supplierty News is currently planning on attending this year’s conference and giving our thoughts on the event.  Below is the link to purchase tickets for the conference (P.S. the Explorer pass, which includes access to community events and best place to work showcase, is free aka $0.00).  If you have any comments or suggestions on what to do at the event, let us know!


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