by Ray Hayes

Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron is bringing diversity to his Cabinet in a big way.  Similar to Canadian President Justin Trudeau, the new generation of world leaders seem to be valuing diversity of mind, gender, and ethnicity when appointing members to government.  In a first step that is being applauded by the global media, Macron filled 11 of his 22 cabinet positions (or 50%) with female employees.

President Macron went against the narratives of most foreign leaders and choose a gender neutral cabinet with selections like, “Olympian Laura Flessel, who was appointed Minister of Sports, and Murielle Pénicaud, who was tasked with overseeing labour.”

President Macron will not only include a large amount of women but according The Huffington Post his pick for candidates in the parliamentary elections are 50% female as well. It seems that President Macron is thanking and also praising women for their strong support during the French elections. Back in January, Macron said that “women currently represent 53 percent of the electoral body, so it’s unacceptable that they make up less than 30 percent of those elected to the National Assembly…unlike other political parties, we plan to respect gender parity.”

On behalf of Supplierty News, we would like to congratulate President Macron on his victory and thank him for going against the norm when it comes to his cabinet picks. Hopefully, the U.S. will take note since majority of Congress is comprised of mostly men despite our demographics being much more diverse.