I am a Star Trek TV show fan.  From the Next Generation, to Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise (ok not really Enterprise), I’ve been following the series with pretty good interest.  No I don’t know every episode and remember every storyline, but when a new series hits, I’m always interested and willing to give it a few episodes to see if I’m interested.

The new Star Trek series “Discovery” is the prequel to the prequel, taking place before the Original Series (and reboot film series) and explaining how Star Trek came to be, in a sense.

The one thing I’ve always liked about the series is the different Captains.  Each one is unique and their style of leadership reflects that.  A great example is the experience of the Klingon Worf who, after spending time on Captain Sisko’s ship (Deep Space Nine), Captain Picard (the Next Generation) reminds him of his more stricter, tighter operation.  This series will have Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou, and I’m interested to learn more about her.  While the trailer only showed her talking a few times, I’m wondering just how well run (or not) her ship will be.

In terms of optics, the new Star Trek universe is very diverse.  The different shades and genders is a welcome expansion to Star Trek in my opinion, but seems to have rubbed some older (and racist) Trekkies the wrong way.  The truth is, as entertainment becomes more Global, diverse casting will increase.  Star Trek has been looking to penetrate the Asian market for some time, and an Asian Captain should help with that.  In addition having a black female (who is also half Vulcan) First mate should bring an interesting new viewpoint to the universe.

But despite it’s positives, the show itself didn’t grab me in it’s First Look Trailer.  The dialogue seemed bland, personalities weren’t shown, and when they were seemed dull and boring, and there wasn’t enough interaction to understand what I’m investing in.  Yes Star Trek is about space, but for me it’s about the characters even more.  The fact that the trailer choose to show explosions and basic 1970s type dialogue was a bit disappointing and did not serve the show well.

Still, I’ll give the show a shot and see where it takes me.  Afterall, if I can give Iron Fist a look based solely on my support for Marvel, I can do the same for Star Trek based on my previous support for the Franchise.