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Denise Young Smith moves from Head of Human Resources to Vice President of Inclusion and Diversity at Apple

Apple continues its commitment to diversity by restructuring its corporate office.  Denise Young Smith, who has been Apple’s VP of worldwide HR since 2014, will now be moved into the newly created VP of Inclusion and Diversity.  While her current position will stay unfilled at the moment, the goal of the new position will be to create solutions and promote diversity throughout the company.  Smith will report directly to Tim Cook, current CEO of Apple.

According to a released statement by the company, there “inclusion and diversity efforts are critically important to Apple’s future. Denise’s years of experience, expertise and passion will help us make an even greater impact in this area.”

The new position should be interesting for a company looking to solve issues of job opportunity and growth for under represented groups.  Tim Cook has been a a huge supporter of diversity since the company started reporting its diversity workplace data in 2014.  “Earlier this year Apple reportedly resisted a shareholder proposal to boost diversity at board and senior management level, but it’s clear the company isn’t standing still and has its own plans to increase efforts as it introduces the new position for Smith.”

As Apple moves forward with its goals of increasing diversity, as always, the world is divided (check the comment section in https://9to5mac.com/2017/05/23/apple-denise-young-smith-vp-hr-includsion-diversity/).  Still, as I’ve stated previously, diversity is the future, and unless companies can create solutions to help bolster recruitment in growing cultures in America, bigger problems for American workers will rise.

Good luck to Apple and to Smith as well.

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