by Ray Hayes

The conference and networking season is in full effect and the 2017 Diversity in Technology conference plans to kick things off in the UK the right way. Many are dubbing the conference as the first of its kind solely dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in the technology sector. As we all know, diversity has been a hot button topic in the US but when we talk about the diversity in tech we usually exclude the LGBT+ community. Well, the Diversity in Technology conference is making it their responsibility to promote the important agenda of LGBT+ people in tech.

In the past, discrimination of minorities was at times overlooked but companies are beginning to change the all male “bro” culture described by Dan Lyons at this year’s SXSW festival (  The folks from the 2017 Diversity in Technology conference believe it is critical to promote this while connecting members of the LGBT+ community in tech. Afterall, “a business is much more capable of understanding and reaching wider markets if their employees reflect their customers’ diversity. A diverse workforce is also known to foster creativity and innovation as it brings together ideas and thought processes from all parts of society.”

I expect the conference will open a lot eyes and provide a wealth of valuable and impactful information on how to improve diversity in the tech sector. If you are in the UK and interested in attending check out the link below.

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Why it’s vital the tech sector continues to promote visibility, understanding and inclusion for LGBT+ people

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