According to the job site Indeed, tech opportunities are growing within the small business industry.  For the first time, multiple tech opportunities including maintenance, repair, tech software, and more are listed in the top 10 of most searched opportunities for smaller firms.  There can be many explanations to the growth in tech opportunities but for me, the most logical is simply a changing of times.  Working for large firms seems to be dwindling for a newer generation with people holding a work / life balance as an important criteria for their future.  In addition added responsibility is much easier to access in a smaller organization as well.

For small businesses this is welcome news as tech employees are needed to take many smaller firms to the next level.  Implementing and understanding new technology is important to create a competitive edge moving forward.

Look for tech opportunities to continue its growth both near and short term especially as it relates to AI and User experience.

Move Over Google and Facebook, Small Businesses are Attracting More Tech Talent These Days

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