On today’s #WeAreNMSDC Podcast we sit down and chat with Jorge Plasencia, Co Founder and CEO of Republica, LLC.  República is a “leading independent agency that builds relevant and enduring connections between brands and consumers across culture, language and technology.”  With over a decade of experience, Republica provides fully integrated media offerings including advertising, branding, brand+channel strategy, social media, and more.

Take a moment and listen to our latest episode as we discuss the growth of Republica, Plasencia’s background, and why Miami is the best place to start a media and brand strategy business today.



0:55 Jorge Plasencia talks about the Business side of Miami
2:55 The growth of Miami city
9:13 The evolution of Republica
12:24 The service and value proposition of Republica
15:55 Taking time to review your business strategy
17:29 Republica, Google, and NMSDC Corporate Plus
24:56 What is your message to corporate diversity representatives and MBEs looking
to follow in Republica’s footsteps?
30:14 Jorge Plasencia’s personal beliefs

WeAreNMSDC 5 Facts

  1. Many international corporations have their Latin American Headquarters in the city of Miami
  2. Republica employees a myriad of people originating from a total of 23 countries. The company also values input from their employees at all levels. Whether a corporate sponsored retreat or allowing interns to suggest improvement ideas, Republica welcomes any and all internal feedback
  3. Republica Co Founder and CEO Jorge Plasencia has had quite the career, working for Univision, Gloria Estefan and Wayne Huizenga, the founder of Blockbuster, AutoNation, and Waste Management
  4. Republica started in 2006, the same year Twitter started and Facebook expanded to the general public market. Republica would go on to create the award winning app for the Trolly system in Miami
  5. Republica is a NMSDC Corporate Plus member, gaining the membership after being nominated by Google in 2015 listen to the story at (17:29) and learn more about Corporate Plus HERE

Supplierty News in conjunction with the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) have teamed up to connect with NMSDC corporate and MBE members for podcast interviews. These conversations will highlight the benefits of supplier diversity programs from the personal experiences of both corporate and minority-owned businesses. If you’re interested in supporting the effort, Follow both Supplierty News and the NMSDC on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook, and visit their websites for more information. Also don’t forget to mention #WeAreNMSDC on all social media platforms.

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