A few weeks ago, the popular video game streaming service Twitch promoted its first ever “holiday” focusing on diversity and inclusion.  May 26th was the first annual “TwitchUnity” in an effort to raise awareness of diversity for a growing online community interested in gaming and streaming ideas.

Within the gaming community, diversity takes on a different meaning than in most other industries.  For starters, the culture of gaming is competitive.  So, in an effort to get under your opponents skin, many things are said to disrupt play.  In addition, many within the community are teenagers or younger, meaning some conversations can lead to childish endings.  Despite this, Twitch has done a much better job in recent years to combat this as much as possible, decreasing the amount of sexist / racist typing rants.

Twitch has also been trying to address the issue of diversity among its streamers in recent years, inviting more people who aren’t gamers.  In order to expand its market, creating a safer space for people to come and not have to worry about name calling or “trolling” is key.  Diversity will most likely continue to be an issue for the service, but, at least for now, Twitch is doing what it can to change the narrative.


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