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Michelle Obama champions gender diversity at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

by Ray Hayes

Former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, spoke at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose this week to thousands of students and entrepreneurs. At the conference, Mrs. Obama explained that she is “very passionate about girls’ education, and we still have a long way to go on equality and access,”.  To Obama, she feels that we “have to teach young girls they are smart and can compete.” Mrs. Obama focused her overall message on the absence of females in tech which could have a long term negative result for a nation looking to continue its dominance in the world market.

The lack of females in tech is an issue that is constantly highlighted but has not been resolved.  Mrs. Obama hopes that her voice can be a catalyst for change in the industry. While Apple has steadily pushed the conversation forward, partnering with female leaders such as the former First Lady, should go a long way.

Mrs. Obama explained it best that “If you are sitting in a decision room and everyone looks like you and thinks like you, you will come up with a less-than-good answer. We need all voices at the table (in tech and other industries) to make the best decisions.”


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