by Ray Hayes

Uber has truly revolutionized the transportation industry. The success of the company unfortunately did not come without downfalls. Just a few weeks ago, Uber announced that the company would be firing more than 20 employees due to harassment claims. Perkins Coje LLP investigation revealed that more than 215 employees were accused of harassment and at least 100 employees were dismissed as a result of the probe. Although only 20 employees have been fired, there are still 57 employees under investigation, 31 in some form of counseling and seven who received written warnings.

Bernard Coleman, head of global diversity and inclusion, plans to fix the problem and make Uber a, “better place to work.” Coleman was not in his new position fully when the sexual harassment claims were made but he plans to make a difference now that he is on board. TechCrunch reported that, “Part of the work Uber is doing is training its management team. According to Coleman, 63 percent of Uber management are first-time managers. Those people are going through training to level-set education across the group.”

Uber diversity chief says harassment report is ‘first step of many’ in fixing the company’s culture