ZBglobal is a custom computer programming company that offers a, “public facing orientation (branded web experiences that compel, engage and captivate your buying audience) or private facing (collaboration, agile learning, communication and project management among your employees).” ZBglobal is also committed to improving the STEM industry while mentoring American veterans. Victoria Tucker, the CEO and Co-Founder of ZBglobal, recently sat down with the Twomentor and the HuffingtonPost to discuss the company’s efforts to mentor and hire veterans. Below is a snippet of the interview:

Twomentor: Why do veterans benefit from mentoring even more so than those who don’t come from a military background? Is the mentoring approach different, and if so, how?

Victoria Tucker: Veterans can quickly apply their experience to a given task, BUT (and it’s a big one) they need personal guidance on how to make the translation from a military setting into a civilian one. Many will tell you that moving out of the military and into a civilian workplace is akin to moving to an entirely different country where the culture and language is foreign. Mentoring acts as a bridge during this transition. The approach focuses on everything from describing military experience in a resume (the way a hiring manager would understand) to ways to interact in a matrix work setting where influencing without title or authority is expected.

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