by Ray Hayes

America’s Veterans make up a small amount of the population, yet they have a big impact on the country’s business scene. I will never stop saying this, Veterans make our country great and small businesses are the back bone of our economy. Veterans protect and preserve our freedom and we cannot thank them enough.  While these men and women make up roughly 6 percent of the population, Veterans account for 13.5% of small business owners.

The great folks from the Big Sky Economic Development recently reported on the economic impact Veterans have on the world and below are a few key points:

  • Veterans are 45 percent more likely than those without prior military service to be self-employed.
  • Veteran businesses employ about 6 million Americans.
  • Veteran owned businesses pay more than $210 billion in wages every year.

Big Sky Economic Development has trained, educated and counseled more 500 service members. If you would like to learn more about Big Sky Economic Development please click here.