by Ray Hayes

During the month May, Mission Continues hosted its second annual Women Veterans Leadership Summit.  The main goal for this year’s event was to raise awareness and recognize women veterans who have served in America’s armed forces. Some of the highlights from the event in included workshops that focused on success in corporate America, transitioning from the military and gender and politics.

During the panel discussion on transitioning from military to civilian careers there were tons of ‘jewels’ dropped in the discussion from prominent business leaders. Below is an excerpt from the conversation (this excerpt was first published by the Military Times:

Amy Gravitt, executive vice president at HBO Programming, is a Navy veteran who served on board the USS Constellation in Persian Gulf:

“It was quite a change going from the Navy to the entertainment industry. I took an unpaid internship with a production company. So I went from being a lieutenant and having a ton of responsibility and having people who worked for me to being the low man on the totem pole, by far.

“What got me my start in the industry and got me to where I am now is that I was the best intern. I went into this industry that was a mess and had no systems in place, and I started organizing it like my division on the ship …

“The company I worked for was George Clooney and Steven Soderberg’s company, and there were a lot of eager film students there who wanted to talk to them about films and ideas. And I knew they did not want to hear my ideas. They weren’t interested in me pitching them movies.

“So, I did the job that made their lives easier, and I was recognized for that.”

If you would like to learn more about the Summit please visit the site below:

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